“Perfect Smile Orthodontic and Cosmetic Dental Center” was first opened in Dubai in 2014 under the direction of a highly reputable and experienced Iraqi Dentist, Dr. Mohammad Zuhair Alkhairo. Perfect Smile Orthodontic and Cosmetic Dental Center is dedicated to a totally comprehensive dental care approach that focuses on promoting health, rather than just treating the disease. Our goal is to provide high level of expertise and service in a calming professional atmosphere combined with latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment. With all years of experience in Dubai, our team which consist of three specialists in Conservative, Implantology, and orthodontics, is commitment to provide excellent results and quality patient care in the United Arab Emirates. This new center employ cutting edge methods and modern technology in dentistry, and will continuously updates and upgrades the practice to give the patients the highest level of care. In addition, the center has an in-house 3d imaging system. The Clinic is pleased to be one of the few dental practices in Dubai to have a qualified DHA licensed oral implantologist working on its premises. The 3d imaging system combined with the high experience would insure a state of the art Implantology procedures All dentists and dental assistants are highly trained and experienced. The team is committed in giving the patients the best care possible. Patients are assured that they will receive consistently high quality care no matter which dentist they see. Patients' safety is a priority. To ensure maximum protection to the patients, the staff consistently applies state-of-the-art sterilization and disinfection techniques on all instruments and dental rooms. Moreover, the Clinic is a firm believer in continuing education programs. The dentists and dental assistants, regularly attend courses that enable them to keep up to date with the latest developments to provide its patients with the best service